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Hazing in the News

Cornell news




  • Men's laxers suspended for hazing violations
    Relays Cornell's response to hazing violations by the men's lacrosse team (Cornell Daily Sun, September 20, 2013).

  • Hazing is never okay
    A call from President David Skorton and VP Susan Murphy to all members of the higher education community to end hazing (USA Today, August 27, 2013).


  • Three frats have status changed due to hazing allegations
    An article identifying one fraternity placed on suspended status and two others on interim suspension as a result of allegations of hazing (Cornell Daily Sun, March 3, 2013).
  • End Hazing
    A letter to the editor written by Dan Meyer '87, President, Cornell University Alumni Interfraternity Council promoting specific actions to end the cycle of hazing (Cornell Daily Sun, January 25, 2013).
  • Changing Frat Culture, Beyond the Punishment
    An editorial suggesting a change in the initiation process will help eliminate the potential for hazing (Cornell Daily Sun, January 22, 2013).
  • Skorton OKs new anti-hazing recommendations
    An article about President Skorton's acceptance of the Recruitment, Acceptance, Retention and Education (RARE) task force report and recommendations for changes in the Greek community (Cornell Chronicle, November 29, 2012).
  • Cornell Greek System Faces New Wave of Changes
    An article about new policies that seek to substantially reform fraternity and sorority pledging in response to President David Skorton's challenge to "end pledging as we know it" (Cornell Daily Sun, November 29, 2012).
  • To Eliminate Fraternity Hazing, Pledging Must End
    An editorial questioning the efficacy of a shortened new member period, advocating for the elimination of pledging "entirely" (Cornell Daily Sun, November 29, 2012).
  • Three Fraternities Temporarily Suspended After Allegations of 'Dangerous Behavior
    An article about the interim suspension of The Acacia, Pi Kappa Phi and Tau Epsilon Phi fraternities after the University received reports alleging that "dangerous behavior" — including hazing and high-risk drinking — occurred at the chapters (Cornell Daily Sun, November 9, 2012).





National news

  • Hazing Continues Despite Efforts to Change
    Democrat and Chronicle writer Jim Mandelaro reports on a recent hazing incident involving the SUNY Geneseo volleyball team; however, he goes on to highlight many other incidents and describe the issue of hazing as a "national plague." Though efforts to combat hazing have been increasing in recent years, it continues to be a problem throughout the country. (January 12, 2014)
  • Hazing is Never OK
    In this USA Today op ed, Cornell President David Skorton and Vice President for Student and Academic Services Susan Murphy issue a challenge: "When we see evidence of hazing, let us say, This is not tradition, team-building or simply 'fooling around.' This is hazing, it is harmful, and it must stop now." (August 27, 2013)
  • Preventing Hazing
    This in depth report cites Cornell's commitment to implement "one of the country's most far-reaching anti-hazing programs, with the university president David Skorton vowing to 'end pledging as we know it.'" (February 8, 2013)
  • Suppressing the Allure of College Hazing Rituals
    PBS News Hour's Ray Suarez talks with psychologist Susan Lipkins and Cornell University's Travis Apgar, associate dean of students for fraternity, sorority and independent living (September 21, 2012). 
  • A panel discussion on the Diane Rehm Show 
    (WAMU 88.5 in Washington DC), including David Skorton, discusses the dangers of hazing and what to do about it. Link directly to the audio recording (September 20, 2012).
  •  Cornell's Promise: End Pledging As We Know It 
    Hazing (at Cornell and beyond) is explored by WBUR radio host, Robin Young, in her Here and Now interview. Cornell guests include Travis Apgar, Associate Dean of Students, and Timothy Marchell, Director of Mental Health Initiatives. Listen to the MP3 podcast (April 24, 2012). 
  • When Hazing Goes Very Wrong 
    New York Times writer, Michael Winerip explores the death of Cornell sophomore, George Desdunes and discusses the role of alcohol in fraternity hazing (April 12, 2012).
  • Hazing Beyond the Frat House
    Allie Grasgreen's piece in Inside Higher Ed begins, "The hazing death of a Florida A&M drum major last month has exposed an open secret: hazing often happens outside fraternities, and its consequences are no less dire" (pdf) (December 23, 2011).
  • Only Students Can Truly End Hazing
    Roland Martin wrote as a CNN Contributor: "Our goal as fraternity men is to take young men and mold and shape them to be better men. It is not our aim to take young men and train them to be collegiate mercenaries, hellbent on inflicting as much pain as they got onto the first person they have control over" (pdf) (December 18, 2011).
  • The Brutal Side of Hazing
    Charles M. Blow wrote in the New York Times, "We must end hazing, and the 'conspiracy of silence' that shrouds the widespread practice in secrecy and shame" (pdf) (December 10, 2011).
  • A Fraternity Hazing Gone Wrong
    A National Public Radio story by Elaine Korry explores the hazing death of a Chico State University fraternity pledge. It includes a powerful interview with the victim's mother and recordings of courtroom testimony from fraternity members (pdf) (November 14, 2005).

 Additional media stories 

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    Author Hank Nuwer's site serves as an "Unofficial Clearinghouse to Track Hazing Deaths and Incidents."  

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Hazing is never okay
In this USA Today op-ed, President David Skorton and VP Susan Murphy state it clearly: "This is not tradition, team-building or simply 'fooling around.' This is hazing, it is harmful, and it must stop now"(August 27, 2013).

A pledge to end hazing as we know it
In a New York Times article, President David Skorton commits to changing "practices of the fraternity system that continue to foster hazing" (August 24, 2011).